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Why research in Positive Psychology?

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Positive Psychology studies optimal human functioning and the conditions that lead to personal, group and institutional development. Positive Psychology research emphasizes those variables that contribute to a fulfilling life and analyses those processes that develop strengths, talents and positive emotions. It also promotes the use of assessments and tools that have proven their quality, viability and validity in empirical studies. more

Due to the research efforts of this field we now can draw from a pool of different types of interventions and evaluation tools that provide indicators of wellbeing, development and growth of individuals, groups and organizations.

Positive Psychology Research provides evidence-based knowledge that enables mental health case professionals to improve the treatment and assistance provided to their clients, enabling them to establish treatment priorities and providing new solutions for different challenges related to wellbeing. In order to advance Positive Psychology in particular and Psychology in general, we need sound research so that practitioners can keep offering high quality services that increase wellbeing.



The goal of the research department is to manage, coordinate and initiate research studies that are conducted at the IEPP and related to our more

Also, this goal contains the administration and improvement of the Test Centre . so that we can guarantee that the provided instruments and assessments count with the best available psychometric characteristics.

Our research department is also dedicated to the collaboration, with other national and international professionals through conjoint research projects. This allows us to have a broad vision of the contextual and situational variables that influence on the wellbeing of different individuals.

Another area of focus is the supervision of research studies and the training in applied statistics to everybody who is interested in carrying out their own psychological research.

Last but not least, our research department shares the discoveries of our research both with the scientific community (through publications in scientific journals and the dissemination at professional congresses and events) and the public (through conferences, informative sessions and publications in print and online magazines).


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Do you need supervision or training in statistics?

We can support you with a very personalized and high-quality advise for your thesis or dissertation or offer practical classes with a comprehensive, easy and fun method to master your exams in statistics and psychometrics.

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