For athletes


Program FLOW (FLUIR)

F ortify a positive mental attitude

L everage your internal dialogue to efficiently reach your goals

U se your thoughts and feelings in the most helpful way

I dentify your strenghts and make the most of them.

R epeat as often as necessary to build a new learning experience that breaks your old habits.


Course Objectives

The IEPP has designed this program specifically to be used in sports psychology. It can be conducted both for individuals and groups and is aimed at creating a positive mental attitude, a central aspect in boosting performance and joy in sports. The program will take between 6 and 8 sessions.

Is it for me?

This training is designed to be helpful for anybody who is interessted in sports and wants to improve his or her performance and/or the joy derived from sports. It is also highly indicated for professionals who want to learn certain techniques that can then be applied to other athletes.

How can I sign up or get more information?

You can receive more details in a personal information session with our expert in this area.