For Psychologists

Expert Course in Positive Psychology



Our Expert in Positive Psychology Course (CEPP) is a face-to-face class made up of 80% practical training and 20% theory It is an experiential, class in which the students experience the techniques of our Wellbeing 10 program, as well as other applications and exercises proposed by recognized professionals of the Positive Psychology field

Official Recognition

The  Expert in Positive Psychology Course is the only Expert in Positive Psychology training offered in Spain that is officially recognized for Madrid´s students by the Chamber of Psychologist under Nº RECON 02/16


What will I learn?

By the end of the course the psychologist will be ready to develop a professional career in the field of Positive Psycology and Personal Development. It is a very interesting alternative to the practice of Clinical Psychology for which you need to complete Master studies in Sanitary Psychology. Our best references come from the professionals we have already trained. You can read more about their experience, their take-aways and opinions here: Opinions of the alumni of the Expert Course in Positive Psychology..


How can I enroll?

In order to be able to enroll in the course you need to pass a personal admission interview. and the course is only available for professionals graduated in Psychology or who are in their last year of studies. If you are still a student your candidacy will be evaluated through the interview.