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Take courses in business is a way to train and innovate. Current economic dynamics are an inexhaustible source of stress for organizations and their members that cause decreased performance and increased absenteeism. Enable empowering resources foster attitudinal taking individual responsibility in this situation of change, because when a worker perceives that have the resources to deal with a situation is a source of greater confidence , personal wellbeing and labor efficiency, all organizations need improvement to ensure sustainable growth through quality training .



Our strengths

The European Institute of Positive Psychology is a pioneer in the Evaluation of Occupational Health, thanks to the data provided by our prestigious Test Center, we can detect the time when a worker begins to be less motivated, committed and comfortable with their work . It is not detecting workplace stress, there have already been late, it is detecting the decrease in protective variables of health and performance to intervene before becoming a psychosocial risk. In cases where the worker or equipment are affected and experience psychosocial risks such as stress or bournout, we create a recovery program of occupational health that will improve the situation.

We offer a full service training companies for growth. Our formations are based on the principles of positive psychology, with a vocation for long-term monitoring. In the projects we like to be the right hand of the directors to implement training strategies that take into account the need to develop talent not only in relation to the acquisition of technical skills but also in the use of personal strengths, empowering own resources and increasing corporate wellbeing.



Chose the best strategy


For each project we make a detailed study of the company based on these three pillars . After assessing the results we designed an intervention program that encourages variables of occupational health measures to be to be effective in the long term and by tracking the project to evaluate each course in the company with quantitative and qualitative data.


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