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Wellbeing 10

What is it?


Wellness 10 is a structured personal development program that has been created by IEPP, wich can perform only accredited psychologists. Is based on the most prestigious models of Positive Psychology that is aimed at boosting your level of perceived wellbeing and happiness..Read more

About us without obligation

You will meet one of the Positive Psycholgy experts of the IEPP for 10 individual sessions to boost your wellbeing using proven tools and exercises that are tun, moving and deeply transformative.

In each one-hour session you will work on specific contents that will allow you to empower your strenghts, promote positive emotions and meaning in life, as well as manage unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

This program has proven to increase the wellbeing of its participants by an average of 40%.

You will receive a final report with the pre & post results of the tests, a summary of your personal insights and the techniques that you have learned so that you can come back to them whenever you need.


Why should I choose this program?

Because it is especially designed to boost your wellbeing and encourage your personal development. We spend loads of time thinking about what does not go well in our lives, our problems and those things we are not really good at. This is the moment to think about what works, empower your strengths and start to make your life feel good..Read more

This programm can be carried out in person at any of our sites or online (via Skype/Hangouts) if time or distance are complicating your visit.Less




You want to know what our Positive Psychology approach can do for you?

In order for you to find out how Positive Psychology can help you we provide a Free Orientation Service, in which you can meet one of our experts to explain your situation and objectives. This offer is free of charge and without further obligation. The service was designed to inform you about the options that best fit your needs so that you can decide what to do