Free courses

Part of the mission of IEPP is related to spreading the word about Positive Psychology and the effectiveness of its techniques in increasing wellbeing. Therefore we have designed different free of charge seminars for individuals and companies, a free online course, and a new trainings for professionals. All our courses are facilitated by Experts in Positive Psychology and have a very limited capacity. So if you are interested in any of our courses, please get in touch to sign up as soon as possible.




Open House. . The first Thursday of each month is Open House Day, on which you can access a special service of evaluation of wellbeing and find out about your current levels of wellbeing and satisfaction.


The Cost of Negativity. SIn this seminar designed for companies, HR representatives we will analyze the link between wellbeing at work, productivity and performance.


  Get fit with the Strenghts GymYou will learn about strengths, what they are and how you can boost them to raise your levels of wellbeing.


Discover your vocation. . You will discover who Coaching can help you find your professional vocation through identifying what you’re passionate about.