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Getafe's Positive Psychology European Institute ​delegation has the best team in the south of Madrid in order to boost the development of adults, children, couples and, in particular, companies.

The differential value of Positive Psychology from the traditional psychology is focusing on enhancing the welfare fostering protection variables with which we naturally and that sometimes circumstances, we have successfully identified...Read more

Researchs shows that in cases of existing malaise (therapy for people and other interventions to organizations), the different traditional techniques combined with Positive Psychology it means a longer lasting result than traditional Psychology alone.

In Getafe we have the best resources such as our prestigious center test to measure what state a person or organization is and whether action is needed and what you need to improve or develope. Our dedication to service makes us stay in continuous training to provide the best psychological processes to our customers, thus becoming a reference in the south of Madrid.

Through our different processes (positive therapy, personal development, coaching, training for businesses and individuals) we can optimize the welfare and health of our customers, with an average high faster than the norm, and consolidating the results longer term.

Our vocation: that Happiness is more present in our society.



Psychological Therapy

Psychotherapy is indicated in cases where the discomfort is severe, from feeling anxiety or stress to panic or sorrow....Read more

Psychologists from our delegation in Madrid are all collegiate and carry over 12 years performing psychological therapies , renewing knowledge continuously and helping hundreds of people to feel better.

You have a FREE service orientation in which an expert psychologist hear what you are experiencing and will provide guidance on the most appropriate process, you can contact an expert psychologist in Positive Psychology that you attend at the Delegation of Madrid contacto for further information..


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Personal Development

You have the opportunity to do a personal development program in 10 sessions. Based on Positive Psychology, the program Wellbeing 10 is scientifically validated....Read more

Validated in increasing overall satisfaction, well-being and happiness.


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Strenghts Gym

Subscribe to the first  psychological gym of Madrid, where you will learn to use your strengths every day to feel more optimist and happy.

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Training companies

Madrid Companies need courses that help them promote prevention habits and health, to create healthy and positive environment from which to grow..Read more

The IEPP Madrid has created specific courses based on Positive Psychology to facilitate learning and help reduce stress and emotional burden generated crisis contexts.

In the past year we have trained employees of the Ministry of Health, various municipalities and corporations. We also collaborate with organizations such as the Complutense University of Madrid, European University of Madrid, the College of Psychologists of Madrid and the Spanish Red Cross and others.


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Psychologists in this center

Marta Madrigal

Marta Madrigal

Director IEPP Getafe


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To know in detail the benefits of our method you have the Free Guidance Service, with which you can meet one of the IEPP experts and explain your particular situation. This expert will inform you about the best options for you to find what you're looking for.