Free orientation service

One of the main values in the IEPP is to make an appropiate and eficient use of the general psychology and the positive psychology in particular. For this reason, we have created a free orientation service made by expert psychologists.

When the doubts are dealing with therapy, people who ask it usually solve their doubts about if what they are feeling can get better with a therapy or if is more appropiated a coaching process of a personal development process. Depending on your objetives and teh situation you are, we value and pronostícate the efectivity of the different methods to offer you an honest and realistic opinion about what you can obtain and an estimation of the number of sessions you will need to get it.

The procedures we use are quick intervention; on average, the psychology centers in 2014 spend 18 sessions in therapy processes. Nevertheless, each case is different and that is why each persona need a personalize it.

Should you like to enrich your education with positive psychology, we can inform you about with is the most appropiate course for you and if it is necessary, to make an Access interview (CEPP)

Should you represent a company and you would like to get a course for your employees with the aim of increasing the productivity strenghten the work wellbeing with scientifically validated tecniques you can ask for a meeting and the formation company experts will recomend you the formation services and the psico-social risks prevention services.